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Pizzarian - Now Available on PC!


Pizzarian is coming soon to Steam! If you've purchased a copy of Pizzarian through another source, feel free to contact me for a Steam key. Thank you for your support!

Now with Xbox 360 gamepad support and new Pumpkin Spice color scheme!


In the future, in the year 2010, your mission is to be the best pizza delivery service in the Jovian system. Deliver pizzas to the moons of Jupiter, then use the money you make to buy new space ships and upgrade your pizza shop. Just watch out for competitors!

Pizzarian is a pizza delivery shmup for Windows, with an emphasis on being the coolest. Deliver pizzas to the Galilean moons of Jupiter, where the more cool stunts you pull while on delivery, the more money you make.

There are only four colors, but there are four palettes to choose from. There are six ships to purchase, each with their own set of options and upgrades. Your pizza shop also has upgrades that will help you during your delivery missions.



"The coolest retro-inspired shoot 'em up we've seen this year"
 - Indie Retro News

"I give Pizzarian a 7 out of 10, an enjoyable retro pizza delivery shoot em up"
 - Universal Gaming Reviews

"A neat little game that plays with SHMUP conventions in a goofy, creative way"
 - IndieGames.com

"A SHMUP about delivering pizzas...in space"
 - Ignideus



Available on your choice of Steam, Desura, or itch.io!